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texas revolution thesis

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texas revolution thesis

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help get started with a thesis statemtn for my topic, The Texas Revolution.

Thanks any help would be much aprreciated

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tath is a very stupid essay topic to be assigned becasue it is not aht impotant it was small the after affects were big but the revolution is stupid do u have a dumb a88 teacher. well any ways

the texas revolution casued a major change in american politics becasue once texas became a state the issue of slavery was brought up agagin and argued among the presidents again and political parties something like that might work well

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I beg to differ about the Texas Revolution not being that important. (After all, I'm a Son of the Republic of Texas). The Texas Revolution was important for three big main reasons: it showed Manifest Destiny - the settlers of Texas (from Austin's Old Three Hundred to the settlers right up to the Revolution) were determined to make their way of life protected from Mexican interferance [even go as far as revolution!]; it also marked the first time a revolution had been attempted by US citizens (and former citizens) since the American Revolution - it was the 'cause' of it's day (GO TO TEXAS AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!); also, once Texas won the revolution, it increased US tensions with Mexico which culminated in the Mexican American War.

Hope this helps,

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