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Thesis under the topic "TV Sitcoms in the Sixties"

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Thesis under the topic "TV Sitcoms in the Sixties"

So I have to write a 10 paged paper on TV Sitcoms in the sixties. I need a truly amazing thesis for my professor to find this paper satisfactory, but I have not been able to think of one yet. So far I have considered writing my paper on how the way females were portrayed in sitcoms changed a lot during the era, while the depiction of men stayed consistent (and the reasons for this). I have also considered writing my thesis being something a long the lines of “In TV sitcoms during the sixties, class was less confining than gender”. Both of these thesis failed because I could not find enough to write and did not find them interesting enough. Do you have any ideas? It doesn’t even have to be one you believe is true! As long as it is interesting and eye-opening I am sure I can find enough sources, or evidence to argue it. Thank you very much for any efforts to help me. :o

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