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War or 1812

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War or 1812

I looke it up in my history book and i didnt find much information. Could ya'll give infor over the important people for both of the countire involved, the problems that lead to the war and the treatiesn that ended them. That would really help thanks. :)

:p Zacharys Morales

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I pick 1812!

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The War of 1812 had many people that made HUGE differences, both in the cause, result, and during the war. One that I will share with you is Andrew Jackson.

Jackson basically was old (nickname: Old Hickory). He was sent by the Pres to prosecute Spanish Invaders and British in Spanish Florida. He went way overboard and killed many people, including 2 British Officials and Indian Chiefs WITHOUT a proper burial. He also helped fight off the British in "The Battle of New Orleans" where else, but in New Orleans. Jackson's troops fought off over 7K British Troops and forced the Brits to retreat...GO AMERICA

I might post more later.

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Adding to Jedi's post...The War of 1812 was ended by the Treaty of Ghent (signed on December 24, 1814). It restored the status quo ante bellum between America and Britain.

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