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What is this asking me??

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What is this asking me??

OK so i need help on understanding what this essay prompt is asking...

~Evaluate Jeffersonian Republicanism and Jacksonian Democracy in consideration of the political lables of liberal and consevitive to assess who did more to assists the common man.

i am unsure what this question is asking and where to look at to obtain an answer. I have resurched all the term in the question but again, i am unsure what the question is asking... that part is kinda important... thanx for any help you van give.. SMiles

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I think that it's telling you to look at Jeffersonian Republicanism (or Jefforson's policies, laws he passed, ect.) and Jacksonian Democracy (or Jacksons poilicies, laws, ect.) seperatly, esp. looking at them in left and right wing terms/ideas, then compare them in your own brain and write about the one that you belived helped the commoner more, not just the national government.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, this may be because I'm tired and it was a long week, even the today and yesterday away from school, but what xenahorse just said made little sense about the wings because I can't keep left and right wings apart. One is liberal and one is conservative, but can't keep 'em straight. I'm not sure that even existed in Jefferson's and Jackson's times. But basically the part I understood made sense. I'm pretty sure that Jackson was liberal and Jefferson was conservative. Anyways, lots of other people have asked about the difference between the two and what they are, so if you search the thread you can find some info if you still need help. Good luck!

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