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What's the teaching method of your AP U.S. History Teacher?

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What's the teaching method of your AP U.S. History Teacher?

My teacher is kinda fast paced.
After we finish a chapter, he make us read the next one, saying that there will be a quiz to see if whether you read it or not, which I strongly disagree because we don't know which important point that we should look at. Every week we learn approximately 2 new chapters.

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For each unit, our teachers gives us a set of chapters to read and take notes on. However, he doesn't check the notes, leaving yourself on your own like a college class. Everyday he gives us a lecture on Powerpoint on the unit. The continue thorugh the slideshow until it's finished. There are set dates for the tests, one day for multiple choice, and the next day is an essay.

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For our class,
We learn a new unit each week.
But we have study guides, and we have discussions in class about what we read for each chapters & unit.
It actually helps.

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ours is pretty random. we only have a semester so we have to hurry. we're already halfway, so life's good.

but anyways, he gives us chapter sheets and we are supposed to fill them in. some of them are really hard. but we turn in our work before every tests and that includes all our chapter sheets, DBQs, random things we did, our notes, our chronology, etc. and he grades all that. Our test is 50% of our grade.

But as for day to day, he's really lenient. his slogan is now "why the hell not?". and we usually go off topic, however, strangely, our discussions always tend to answer our questions and we finish talking about last night's homework assignment and that chapter. of course we start off complaining about how much work it is and how cold it is and how tired we are from practice and other stuff and we use his kindness to our advantage. i'm not saying it's a good thing, but he knows we know that he likes us and he knows we won't ever take advantage of him to the max, although we could.

but it's really easy going and a fun atmotspere. on homecoming week we didn't really do much. we talked and designed our sophomore tshirts (all ofus in that class are sophomores except for one senior).

i love that class. i just hate the work.

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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My teacher is entirely random. He's currently using us as guinea pigs for a new book he's trying out. He hasn't even read the book himself. He teaches from his own experience, but gives us tests based on our reading. Then essays, again, based on his notes. We spend most of the period speaking about tangential subjects that rarely have anything to do with what we're learning.

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We get weekly outlines for the week describing everything we need for class, nightly homework. We also get handouts on the first day of class for that week. Then we do a lot of class discussions that get really off topic but we always finish early with the days plans. Then every friday we have our chapter work due for the 5/6 chapter units. This includes an outline (2 extra credit points) and vocabulary terms that we have on the chapter quiz.

The quizs are matching, true and false, and multipal choice. The outline goes towards the quizes and then we have a unit test with information.

All in all our teacher is pretty lenient and will give you half credit on work if its late and he is considered one of the best teachers in my building (how many teachers do you know that read their history books 8 times over a course of 4 years)

Ok so thats my long description :)

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my ap teacher is a very intellectual person. he is very serious when it comes to his lectures. he doesnt quite like to mess around because we all know there is quite alot to cover in an ap us history class. My teacher likes to give us surprise quizzes and most of us dislike this idea because we don't know what the quiz covers and sometimes the questions are quite vague.

other than that his teaching skill is easy to follow unless you have other ap classes like me...

:o aqr

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Our teacher will give us a study guide for one week (sometimes two SG), but we'll be taking notes to prepare for a test, on the prevoius chapter. For example we'll be taking notes on chap 12, but doing chap. 14 SG.

He also stages many debates an discussions, along with (three so far) practice AP exams. He gives us partners for these though...I still wanted to rip my hair out after the first one.

I like it, because he teaches us to apply what we learn, and we always have a good grasp on the material. He's really helpful too.

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Hehe, my teacher is great. He's also my Debate coach, so I might be biased.

We do a chapter a night usually, but we only have the class every other day, so it's 2 or 3 chapters a week. We simply take our own notes and discuss the chapter in class. (we are motivated to take notes because in the discussion we are not allowed to use the book and we get points for giving answers) Sometimes he'll act out the events and it's hilarious. If we have time, we'll play jeopardy or greed at the end of class. We also do mock trials.

We don't have reading quizzes, and the tests are 50% of the grade, but they are only like 60 MC and a FRE over a unit (like, 8 chapters). We do some DBQs at random intervals, and everything is good.

Overall, my teacher rocks!

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ma class is pretty annoying all we do is talk about our notes and reading and she does not even have a freaking powerpoint to help us. she gives us about 4 SG every week and expects us to take a test every two weeks. i have to stay awake till around 4 everyday just to stay on task in that class.

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we read 3 capters take outline notes on them do thesis breifs and do these workshhets that are a royal pain then we take a test
we never work on anything in class just listen to her boring lectures
i think there might be 3 kids in the whole class of 30 who listen to her


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