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Joined: Nov 2005

seriously, are anyone else's history teachers making them do OUTLINES of wikipedia articles?

i am destined to fail the ap exam. miserably. i can't retain the facts. also, what chapter are you guys on? we're on 36.. next unit we have 330ish vocab words/cards to do! i think my apush history is feeling the crunch because the rest of our time looks like this:

-next week: tuesday seminar, thursday test on chapters 33-36, DBQ in class and she's sending a DBQ home for us to do (w/ the PERSIAs and vocab cards)
-spring break
-week after that: we meet monday & wednesday (no school on friday), but they're shortening classes because we have CST testing.
ap exam week: TEST! well, actually, it's on friday of that week (my b-day!)

so in conclusion, there's a lot to cover in APUSH! and i'm worried because 6 kids @ my school passed the APUSH exam last year. out of 70? my odds suck

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Joined: Sep 2005

Some teachers just don't do it as well.

I'd say take matters into your own hands and start reviewing on your own.

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Joined: Jul 2005

Wow..that's...busy work.

We're doing worksheets for the rest of the month, but they're REALLY helpful. They're forcing us to go over our notes and stuff and it helps us organize thoughts and stuff. If you would like, I could scan the worksheets and you can work on them and study by yourself.

330 vocab works? That's ridiculous.

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Joined: May 2006

I think that's crazy. My teacher has done a wonderful job, we finished the book early, and have a sh*tstorm of review material. As for the 330 flash cards with words, I ended up with about 1,500 flash cards with events/people/places.

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Joined: May 2006

u guys are wierd stop complaining all the time geez i have five a.p. classes and im taking my sat 1 on saturday and sat 2 on sunday

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