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1) Confucianism adovcated all of the following except:
a) Male Elite
b) An Educated Elite
c) Strong rulers
d) Rejection of art and music
e) Norms in Chinese Life

2) The declining power of the Zhou Kingdom brought about
a) Centralized Political control
b) A single Coherant Philosphy
c) A variety of rival states
d) Supression of independent though
e) A period of peace

3) The era of Warring states:
a) Had many independent armies
b) Had many strong regional rulers
c) Witnessed the downfall of the Zhou dynasty
d) Reduced emperors of being figureheds
e) All of the answers are Correct

4) Legalism stressed the importance of
a) Human nature
b) Courtesy
c) Freedom
d) Discipline
e) Education

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Simply posting questions and expecting answers will get you nowhere here.

Have you ruled out any of the possible answers yet?

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u should really look up the textbook for these answers if u don't know them...
if the AP masters tell you now, you'll never know for the real thing...

or even better, look through the course notes available here :)

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Well, since this topic is kind of old, how about we discuss the answers to these questions to prepare for the exam

1. D
2. C
3. E
4. D

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