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Need some help on an essay (Russia/Japan)

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Need some help on an essay (Russia/Japan)

Hi everyone...I'm new on Course Notes. :]
And I need some help on an essay for AP world.
Needless to say it's my worst subject, hahaa
So I need some (or a lot of..) help on this essay I have to write.

The question is:
"Comapre and Contrast the responses of Russia and Japan to Western influence from 1800 to the present."

Anyone have any facts they'd like to share?
Ideas for body paragraphs? Or a thesis?
Websites I could use?

I don't even know where to begin with this, in case you couldn't tell :p

HUGE THANKS to anyone who is willing to help! :D

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The big thing with compare/contrast is that you have to decide what aspects of these countries responses that you want to analyze. For topics of your body paragraphs, use the trick my teacher taught....PERSIA (Political- Economical- Religious- Social- Intellectual- Area)
I must say that that topic is actually a really great question and if you don't already know much about it that essay will help you greatly in understanding the interactions between those societies with those of the west...

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