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The World and Its Peoples;; Third Edition

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The World and Its Peoples;; Third Edition

I just wanted to know, is the third edition VERY similar to the Fourth?
I have my Midterms very very soon and I really don't understand this book, it would be great if anybody would let me know so that I can use the notes uploaded to the website :)
If it is not, does anyone have a webpage where I could get the notes?
It would really save my life :rolleyes:
Thanks :)

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well i use the outlines on here that are fourth edition, even though my book is second edition; so it's basically the same. the only thing is that the chapter order might be different; for me: my second edition ch 19 would be ch 18 on the outlines on this website. everything else is the same so if i were you, i would use the outlines; they are extremely helpful!!! good luck!

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i have second edition too, but you can go to the book peoples' web site. just go to google and search houghton mifflin ap world history textbook and its one of the first things on there. they have key terms and other stuff on there. what you can also do is just read the chapters and disect them, reading everything slow. because i always read the chapter through fast the first time to get the main idea, and then slowly a second time to catch details.

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They are basically the same but the chapters may be mixed up. Sometimes it's better to look at the newer eddition outlines and what not because it may have been written by someone different and you might possible be able to understand it better. Just give it a shot.

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