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What are your thoughts about Hurricane Katrina and the current situation?

PekeAilinaLike's picture

Just curious what you all thought about not only the political but also economical and ecological situation of New Orleans and the other areas in the south affected by Hurricane Katrina....


BigD10's picture

1. Economic

I wouldn't say that there has been a large impact on the US economy. Sure, the N.O. economy is skrewed, and needs a lot of help if they hope to ever recover, but the US economy hasn't been greatly effected by it. The billions it takes to rebuild NO could have some affect on the economy, but, as we have all seen, deficit spending doesn't hurt the economy all that much, and if anything might just hurt the dollar value a bit more, which, Bush doesn't seemed to concerned about anyway. Oil prices where going to go up regardless of NO. Hardly any of the US oil comes from NO, and if anything there are only a few refineries in the area that have already been restarted again.

2. Political

I thought that this might skew Bush's agenda, but, it really hasn't affected it as much as I thought that it would. It has taken some time out of his busy golf schedule, but that might be about it. It may have greater afftects along his presidency, when the billions are shelled out for reconstruction, which I for one believe to be ridiculous, but nothing to bad in the short term.

3. Ecological

Meh. Clearly, mass devastation to the swampland and whatnot. It was one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded. What did you expect? Boarding up windows to be enough?

-Big D

*Note: Spelling is not my forte.

Armando's picture

Let's just say (for economic) that our trillion dollar debt is nothing in comparison to the few billion it will cost to rebuild NO.

ladylulu25's picture

How about obvious effect it has had on the people who once occupied the region and will probably inhabit the region as soon as the levi's are "fixed." Also how crazy it was that after so many of them where moved to Galviston, Texas another hurricane threatened to hit them

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I think it's really sad. I live in Ca, and alot of the refugees ended up in Fresno. My mom wanted to take in a family, but our house isn't big enough. It's very scary.

myopichappiness's picture


hahah bush doesn't care about ecology. he's alreayd messed up our environment.

BigD10's picture


-Big D

*Note: Spelling is not my forte.

myopichappiness's picture


um?? haha is that in response to me?

BigD10's picture

Meh. Interpret as you wish...I mean, you were the only one saying that Bush didn't care about the environment...

-Big D

*Note: Spelling is not my forte.

pianogirl2422's picture

As for economy, it was messed up before the huricane. It couldn't be much worse after a natural disaster. If anything, it may create some new jobs rebuilding.

For political, I think the country is more worried about Iraq and indictments than something that cannot be stopped with today's technology.

For ecology, the world will keep spinning long after humans die out or the world will blow up with us on it. But the point is that the earth will take care of itself, it's us who have to deal with it. Besides, New Orleans was basically an empty bowl between two bodies of water

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If I remember correctly, Katrina isn't even in it was either top 5 or top 10 natural distasters in american history. Not saying that it's not bad by any means though, just that it could always be worse.


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