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What Political Party Do You Align Yourself With?

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Pretty straight forward. I consider myself to be an independent, but leaning to the conservative side of things. A little libertarian in me, too.

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Sorry, but i dont feel like using the Quote Button, since im sitting in Study Hall in school but i will copy and paste. To what AP WORKER posted on Page 7, "If high number of votes doesn't signify the citizens' desire for a democratic government, then what does it signify? Isn't voting one step closer to democracy?"..... hmmm they (Iraqis) put up with Saddam for how many years? They could have tried to organize themselves into something and rebelled, but they didnt. Even though I hated Saddam for what he did to his people, at least he was able to keep order. Why cant America?

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Also the majority of people dont want Bush...If you gonna use the word "majority" towards presidents, use it for the good presidents like FDR or someone who actually HAD the majority,

"1337 H4XX0RS my ass, ill just drop a duce on them"

- random kid playing WoW

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I am a Goldwater Republican..........(Which means I'm Libertarian...)

Matthew Hubbard
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i guess if i was to choose my political party it would be democrat.
thats just what party my view coiencide with the most.

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There's always the choice to be independent- not devoting yourself to either side.

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I am a hardcore democrat.

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The reason Bush doesnt have a majority is beacuse a lot of Americans dont have the determination they used to. the reason FDR had a high approval rating is beacuse Americans were willing to stand for the weak. Not wonder why they didn't resist. Thats like saying we shouldnt have stopped hitler beacuse the Jews didnt resist him. The U.S. Army does have control, but is fighting cowards who dress as civilians and have no morals. The world media is of no help, they simply bash Bush every chance they get. If anything you must respect the mans steadfastness and loyalty towards our military against all the bad media.

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I like to tell people that I'm a right-wing, conservative, Christian republican. I always get great responses :-D


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To start off...I associate myself with the Republican party, and consider myself to be a conservative.

I think Bush had the favors of the people in the beginning because the US was still coming out of the Clinton Administration with all of its mishaps. I think perhaps Bill Clinton put a bad taste for the Democratic party in the mouths of the voters. This is not said to bash democrats, it is simply a view, so please...don't take this out of context. [Please don't hurt me...] However, as Bush's war campaign came on the scene, fur began to fly, as it typically does when we're talking about military action, particularly since this part of the world has been a thorn in the side of the US since the late 1980's. I have to say that personally, I have lost faith in our current president. As it was pointed out, I can say, that I respect his die-hard commitment when it pertains to our armed forces and the conclusion of this 'war'. This much, I will grant him. I think that he's started to roll over for Congress lately, and this is doing very little for the image that is portrayed in the media that enjoys smashing his reputation. We can only hope the next President will do something in his term other than establish controversy due to a war that everyone seems to oppose.

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Chase wrote:Im a democrat, i believe that women should be able to have abortions if they want to and that there should be further stem cell funding to better stem cell research. I dont think that our troops should be in Iraq when there are so many other things that could be done, where were they when Katrina hit??? I support America but Not Bush.
Voting For President
[ ] Bush
[x] Anyone else

have fun arguing this one...


Therefore you couldn't vote for him anyways.

Argue THIS one


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