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What Political Party Do You Align Yourself With?

Suglobov22's picture

Pretty straight forward. I consider myself to be an independent, but leaning to the conservative side of things. A little libertarian in me, too.

thecamoqueen's picture

He certainly is correct. Bush has served two terms and is therefore ineligible for presidency. However, just as we all are, you have the right to your opinion.

juicebox's picture

I always thought I was libertarian, but I'm known to be more conservative when it comes to certain issues.
I'm conservatively libertarian. xD

"Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers." - Homer Simpson

bananasortacos's picture

i would like to see the dissolution of the party system as it is now

bananasortacos's picture

i like chance91's observation

insanebill1's picture

ok. im a conservative republican. my mom is very much so an active member of the GOP and has helped get many republicans get elected into office. I am a big fan of president bush because i am well up to date in many of his decisions. the media slews things into a hat and only shows the things that will cause controversy. well, of course thats their job. they report the exceptions to the rules. like 1 car flips on the interstate and it makes headline news. but what you wont hear on the news is the other 500,000 cars that travel the same section of interstate everyday and travel fine. no ones perfect but the way the media perceives it, people want to know the faults of others. if a democrat was in office at the moment i wouldnt neccisarily disagree w/ him

cameide's picture

I support Bush, and he actually could serve 2 more years if he was a vice president and the president died in office. But if the nominee(McCain) was smart he would not choose bush. I am republican, but I have some liberal values ie: abortion, gay rights etc.

If the democrats win, we will begin a massive economic slowdown-Clinton's foreclosure theory.

We need a republican in office, just not Huckabee, but if he wins, we can send Chuck Norris after the terrorist

insanebill1's picture

yeah!!! great idea!!! send the guy we know can get the job done before he eats breakfast lol =)

cubsfan5554's picture

I like to think of myself as a conservative, but not a Republican. I support traditional conservative positions such as getting rid of bureaucracies like the Department of Education, a non-interventionist foreign policy, smaller government etc. But I can't say that that's what the current Republican party stands for. I guess from an economic stand point you could also call me a libertarian.

As far as who I support in the 2008 presidential race, that's right...Ron Paul.

insanebill1's picture

being an active republican myself, tell me how you think a gov. should run its country and ill tell you what party you align yourself w/ because of what you think. im a conservative republican. i tend to swing mostly to the right whereas i do have some liberatarian views and standpoints. so let me kno if your confused = )

insanebill1's picture

i vote for chuck norris...i kno hesw not running but id write his name on my ballot sheet \,,,/(*_*)\,,,/


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