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What Political Party Do You Align Yourself With?

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Pretty straight forward. I consider myself to be an independent, but leaning to the conservative side of things. A little libertarian in me, too.

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APFAq;12118 wrote:I think, personally when it comes down to it, the Republicans and the Democrats are the same thing.

i have to say, that is a rather silly comment. political parties are not the same, ever since the federalists and dem-reps, the purpose of political parties has been to support ideologies the other perhaps doesnt.

but i am getting of the thread topic, arent i? i do not associate myself with either democrats or republicans. apathetic, i will tell some people i am, but that isnt entirely true. if there is a party out there with liberal views, like opposition to wars and other foreign affairs, environmental concern, freedom in press/speech and the arts, and other individual freedoms, as well as right-side views such as marriage between men and women only, illegality of abortions, among others, then i suppose that would be my party. i am also a strong believer in privacy of the individual, which i believe is rather conservative?

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I'm a moderate republican, but my social views and my views on the government are far right.

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I would say Im an independent conservative. I believe being fiscally conservative about our economy is better than just giving away money to people. However, I dont agree with some of their ideas. Im for stemcell reasearch, addressing global warming as a major threat to America and the world, and some others.
I dont think people can just classify a person a republican or a democrat, liberal or conservative. There is not one side that is completely "right" or "best." It takes a mix of ideas to unite this nation. However, leaning towards the conservative side, the government shouldn't interfere too much in people's affairs like Hillary and Obama would have.
And please, you Bush haters, please tell me the "bad" stuff Bush did in his time in office.
Iraq was arguably one "mistake" although I agree to stay there for a while and gradually leave (retreat slowly: 2-3 years). He cut taxes enormously, yet nobody sees the good he did.
Thank You

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