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What would everyone like to see added to the site?

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What content, features, etc would you find useful to have on this site?

The more you tell me, the more youll get out of this site :) This has become a full time job for me so I'm going to treat it like one.


Course-Notes.Org Administrator If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, rants, raves, random thoughts, etc etc- feel free to direct them at me :)

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really long term here but eventaully if you could get notes on Calc or Chem or Phys that would be awesome. Also that would increase the amount of people on the forums and website in general.

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oooh sooooper niceness. all bcuhz of one post i feel so accomplished that tha whole world can change there avatars to w/e. haha thnx www.course-notes.org people. u make me happy and so proud and now wen sumone i know is on cousenotes im gonna be like hey change yewr avatar. yano....i helped with that idea. lol thnx! haha =D

I am MiCHAEL. roar. oh heck yes.. smilies! ;) :rolleyes: :D

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no offense "poo poo", but you kind of strange.

like my avatar??? GOOD this is a real unit that was recently sent overseas so you BETTER support them!!!! :)

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lol haha i no i no buht hey at least u know im not retarded cuz im in this ap class n all. And being bored alot can do things to you. i dont even think special ed kids can even get into ap classes.....hmm.............hey course-notes moderator guy do u know if they can? :confused: haha ihs all off topic..

I am MiCHAEL. roar. oh heck yes.. smilies! ;) :rolleyes: :D

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i wouldnt think so unless it is a smart special ed kid which is rather redundant

like my avatar??? GOOD this is a real unit that was recently sent overseas so you BETTER support them!!!! :)

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The outlines are from the 11th edition of American Pagent, taht's why they aren't exactly "correct" for you.

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I want a form for essays in general. and better multiple choice q's on the practice quizs. I might suggest you go buy the book of multiple choice questions for The American Pageant and literally paste them on the website for our access.

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What exactly do you mean by "a form of essays in general"

Also, if Chris allows, I would volunteer to give some questions for better quizzes of each chapter.

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Like a forum for essay writing and styles in general. Liek the current essays and dbq forum is more for people lacking information to put into their essays than for people who actually need help writing them.

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A forum for homework would be really nice. Also, I like the idea of a new forum for people who need assitance on the actual writing of the essays and DBQs themselves. It would be quite helpful. : )

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