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chapter 5 world history

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History 2nd Edition Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Notes Ancient Iran and Greece Notes ANCIENT IRAN (PERSIAN EMPIRE) ? ?Land of the Aryans?, link between W. and S. & Central Asia. 6th century B.C.E., Persians created largest empire the world had yet seen. Mostly Greek perspective, as hardly any written records exist. Geography and Resources: Bounded by Zagros Mts. (W.), Caucasus Mts. and Caspian Sea to the NW and N, The Mts. of Afghanistan and the desert of Baluchistan to the E and SE, and the Persian Gulf to the SW Harsh land, limited natural resources. Had to use irrigation channels. Resources: Copper, tin, iron, gold, and silver. Traded minerals and crafts like textiles and carpets. Rise of the Persian Empire:
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