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the earth and it's history A.P third edition ch 4

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An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China, 753 B.C.E.?600 C.E. CHAPTER OUTLINE Rome?s Mediterranean Empire, 753 B.C.E.?600 C.E. The Origins of Imperial China, 221 B.C.E.?220 C.E. Imperial Parallels DIVERSITY AND DOMINANCE: The Treatment of Slaves in Rome and China ENVIRONMENT AND TECHNOLOGY: Water Engineering in Rome and China 123 5 14820_05_123-149_r3ws.qxd 4/2/04 3:24 PM Page 123 According to Chinese sources, in the year 166 C.E. agroup of travelers identifying themselves as dele- gates from Andun, the king of distant Da Qin, arrived at the court of the Chinese emperor Huan, one of the Han rulers. Andun was Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, the emperor of Rome. As far as we know, these travelers were the first ?Romans? to reach China, although they probably
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