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post classical post-classical ap world history

Post-Classical Period Timeline

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800-814 Charlemagne Empire in Western Europe 864 Cyril and Methodius 718 Byzantines defeat Arab attack on Constantinople 750 Abbasid Caliphate 1400 End of Polynesian expeditions 1453 Turks capture Constantinople, end of Byzantine Empire 1320-1340 Bubonic plague breaks out 1325 Rise of Aztec Empire 1338-1453 Hundred Years? War c. 1100 Invention of explosive powder in China 1150 Disintegration of Toltecs 1185-1333 Kamakura Shogunate 1200 Rise of empire of Mali 1231-1392 Mongols rule Korea 1236 Capture of Russia by Mongols 1258 Capture of Baghdad by Mongols 1265 First English Parliament 1054 The Great Schism between Eastern and Western Christians 1066 Rise of feudal monarchy in western Europe 960-1127 Song Dynasty 968 Tula established by Toltecs 610-613 Origins of Islam
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