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This versus That 1. Nomination vs. General Election One chooses party candidates, 2. Primary vs. Caucus 3. Closed Primary vs. Open Primary 4. Liberal vs. Conservative 5. Democrat vs. Republican 6. Major Party vs. Third Party (not the same as Independent) 7. Realignment vs. Dealignment 8. Reapportionment vs. Redistricting 9. Political Parties vs. Interest Groups 10. Judicial Restraint vs. Judicial Activism 11. Original Intent vs. ?Living? Constitution 12. District Courts vs. Supreme Court 13. Appellate Jurisdiction vs. Original Jurisdiction 14. National Government vs. States Rights 15. Dual Federalism vs. Cooperative Federalism 16. Block Grants vs. Categorical Grants 17. Full Faith & Credit vs. Privileges & Immunities
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