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Chapter 01 - Writing: A First Look

Things to keep in mind as you go through the writing process

  • Decide what aspect of the theme to tackle.
  • Offer a definition for your theme and support it.
  • Don’t veer into aimless thoughts.
  • Avoid vague and contradicting points.
  • Always keep in mind your audience.
  • Provide readers with a new light to your theme.

1.1 Purpose and audience are closely linked.

  • You purpose is to be able to:
  • Inform someone of something
  • Persuade someone to believe/do something
  • Express feelings/insights to someone
  • Entertain someone

Tips on how to reach your intended audience:

  • You must be able to define that someone (the audience).
  • The words on the page carry your message.
  • Different readers call for different approaches.
  • Ask yourself what the reader might want to know or be interested in.
  • Ask yourself what needs and must be told/explained to the audience.
  • You need to search the “communal style” of the audiences.

1.2 Freshness, Style and Organization

A. Freshness

  • As you shape your paper, the writing should please you and your audience.
  • Satisfy your sense of good writing and what the writing task requires.

B. Style

  • Write in a clear style & strengthen it with vivid, forceful words that represent and support your stance and tone.

C. Organization

  • Intro – Sparks interest and acquaints the reader of what’s coming.
  • Body – Delivers the main message and exhibits a clear connection between ideas.
  • Conclusion – Ends discussion and satisfies the reader.
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