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Course-Notes.Org and Plagiarism

At Course-Notes.Org, we feel that those students who care enough to look to sources other than their text book to aid them in their studying value their education very highly. Therefore, it would make no sense for these students to cheat themselves by plagiarizing the content found on this site. This includes all of the notes, outlines, vocabulary terms, practice quizzes, unit notes, historical documents, biographies, political parties, timelines, important court cases and case briefs, as well as any of our member’s content posted in the forums.

It would be unfair to say that no student has ever used notes, outlines, vocabulary, etc. from this site without properly acknowledging it or has tried to pass it off as their own work for a graded assignment. This has been brought to our attention a few times now from teachers. However, please let it be known that Course-Notes.Org’s goal is to provide quality notes, outlines, unit notes, case briefs, etc to students in order to improve their education, not to undercut it. Course-Notes.Org does not condone plagiarism in any form.

Here’s a few reasons why plagiarizing the content available on Course-Notes.Org is a very bad idea:

  • Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s work and claiming to be your own. That’s not right.
  • Plagiarism cheats students out of their education which can lead to dire consequences in their educational, personal and professional lives.
  • Plagiarism makes teacher’s jobs harder and less enjoyable. It also gives teachers a bad impression of Course-Notes.Org and what we are all about.
  • You will get caught! There are over 50,000 pages of content indexed by Google. All a teacher needs to do is type in a line from “your” paper into the search engine and they will see that it came from this site.

With that said, please keep this in mind:

When using Course-Notes.Org resources in any form, you must give Course-Notes.Org credit as your source and have it appropriately referenced and documented. Course-Notes.Org will not be held responsible for plagiarism of any kind. By using the Course-Notes.Org services and information, you alone are held accountable for any attempts to copy, maneuver, or alter the Course-Notes.Org text for your own use. Using, reading, or downloading the Course-Notes.Org materials in any way is at your own discretion and risk and you are solely accountable the usage of the materials.

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