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Americas Army?

Verzaubertes Zerstörer's picture

Its rather sad that there aren't any more posts in the gaming section of this forum...
Anyone here play Americas Army? Like the game? Wanna join a clan?
post here any other online games you like. I personnaly can't get enough of Guild Wars and AA right now... :cool:

"In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance."-Stalin
Anger is "A short Madness"-Ancient Roman Poet Horace

Shadow's picture

I used to play it.

But i got tired of it.

APFAq's picture

i got sick of Americas Army in about like in the 1st day i got it.

My friends are sooo Hooked onto it.

I love Counter Strike Better.... its more better but nothing can beat fast actioned games like Half-Life.

Ohh by the way, does anyone have myspace account here?... Mine is http://www.apmastersite.us.tc

wait that is my website... I meant http://www.myspace.com/apfaq

if any AP students want to add me... send me a message or just request to be my friend!!


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HelloKim's picture

AA sux IMO

APFAq's picture

yep u got that right HelloKim

by the way, y is ur name Hello KIM as in KIm Jong guy from Korea? Reminds me of Team America.. Movie still cracks me up ALOT


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HelloKim's picture

ya, it something to do with Korea...

What's picture

I was the third person to sign up on the AA forums, back in the day. I play it in spurts ussualy. Play it for a couple months, then stop, couple months, then stop. Its an awsome game, imho.

djtimmy's picture

Great Game.....Fun!

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