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AP Preperation Opinions - your test, your options

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Alright people! I need your opinions! And I need them relatively soon!

So it's March already and AP exams are coming up fast. So, I have a proposal. I propose that we can have a designated chat room somewhere where people can come and talk amongst themselves - quiz each other, speculate about essay questions, share terms, etc. A chat room would be better than the shoutbox because you can only see so many - its just too inconvenient...

So, yeah, that's the proposal. I can set it up and put the link here. Keep in mind moderators will not always be there so it would just be whoever happens to be there at the moment. You're all relatively mature - I'm sure you can manage to play nice with each other.

Okay....so I lied....I have more proposals. Don't leave yet!!!

This one is mainly for APUSH kids. I can post essays up here - definitely for APUSH, maybe for other subjects - that are not on the boards for some extra practice. Other people are free to post ones too - maybe ones they made themselves or have found or not - of course. But I've tried it in the past, nobody really responded, so I'm going to need some definite support to do that.

Let's see......

There was something else, but I'll add that in later. So let me know what you guys think and what you want and I'm open to suggestions. You guys should know my e-mail and aim s/n, but I'll list them anyways. closer to time I'll probably have all my IM clients active. I'll post my schedule in my signature when I find it out. And that's all for now. Look forward to hearing from you guys!

AIM - pianogirl2422 - I'm usually always signed on, if I'm away you can still message me and I'll get back to you.
E-mail - [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected] - You can of course e-mail me anytime

I'm happy to talk with anyone about anything, so just let me know.

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