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History List - Chapter 7

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Ok this is primarily for people who want to do well on essays. If you want to recieve a 8 or 9 on your AP essays, you are going to have to demonstrate you know some history. Generally per paragraph you want to insert bout 5 peices of history. So Ive composed a list of history and you can browse through it and pick and choose. I even took the liberty of dividing it into historical categories. This is also helpful for general essays in history class. (I started with Chapter 7 because i had to do it for hw anyways :D )

If your essay topic is "Was the revolution an economic, political, social, or intellectual event?" you would select your answer then look through the appropriate history topic and select say 5 or so things to include per paragraph. You can use it to help prove or disporve anything in your essay.

Economic – Anything involving money
7 Years War (debt)
Act of 1763
Navigation Law of 1650
Currency Shortage in Colonies
No Paper Money allowed by Britain
Colonies had Monopoly over in British Market
Sugar Act of 1764
Stamp Tax (1765)
People in Britain already pay taxes
Nonimportation Agreements
Colonies bought ¼ British Exports
Townshend Acts of 1767
Massachusetts Tea Smugglers
Legal Tea cheaper than Smuggled Tea by 1773
British East India Company gains Monopoly over Colonial Tea
Boston Port Act of 1774
The Association
America was self-sustaining from a food perspective

Political – Involving the Government/Law
Britain Attempts to tighten grip on colonies
Georgia only colony founded by Britain
Royal Veto
Stamp Act Congress of 1765
Sons and Daughters of Liberty
Declaratory Act of 1766
Suspension of New York Legislature in 1767
British Troops planted in Boston, 1768
Boston Massacre
Samuel Adams Committees of Correspondence
Intercolonial Committees of Correspondence
Tea Parties in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Annapolis, and Charleston
Boston Port Act of 1774
Intolerable Acts
Continental Congresses
Lexington Massacre
Britain raises army of 50,000 and hires 30,000 Germans
Britain in bad position for war due to Ireland and France
Articles of Confederation in 1781
Board of Trade assumes governance of Colonies in 1696

Intellectual – Beliefs/ideas
Radical Whigs
Guilty until proven Innocent
“No Taxation without Representation”
Virtual representation
Unity (Stamp Act Congress of 1765)
Parliamentary Taxation
Home Rule

Social – Daily life
Act of 1763
Navigation Law of 1650
Colonists could only buy from Britain (legally)
Currency Shortage in Colonies
Sugar Act of 1764
Quartering Act 1765
Stamp Tax (1765)
Discourage eating Lamb
Townshend Acts of 1767
Boston Port Act of 1774
Intolerable Acts
Quebec Act of 1774
The Association
War with Britain Starts
Articles of Confederation in 1781
Blacks served in Minutemen and British Armies

Cultural – Things Made/Traditions
Homespun woolen garments Fashionable
No Gun factories in colonies
Colonies did not make refined goods (guns, clothing, rum, etc.)

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wat do u guys think? its also helpful for studying I guess.

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That was absolutely amazing and extremely helpful. Thanxs for the idea. I think I love you!!!!!!!!

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Amazing, i agree
please write more!
unfortunately, i did my test on chapter seven yesterday, but i look foward to more notes like this!

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yes! another fan! dont worry, more is on the way.

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awesome and greatly appreciated. :]

its a great tool to have, especially for studying for DBQs...
well..studying for DBQs are kinda hard but..
you can get like a general idea. :]

its like a quickbook! hehe


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thanks!! great idea, its like the whole chapter sumed up! really helpful with writing a dbq. i look forward to more please! =)

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Thanks! This wil be helpful for my Unit 2 test!

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das tight! =]
hope to use some of your info on DBQ's, tests, and other such assignments
( which i know ALL of us love... Not :P ).

get busy livin' or get busy dyin'
if the #13 is unlucky, then 12 & 14 are guilty by association :P

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