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History List - Chapter 8

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Ok this is primarily for people who want to do well on essays. If you want to recieve a 8 or 9 on your AP essays, you are going to have to demonstrate you know some history. Generally per paragraph you want to insert bout 5 peices of history. So Ive composed a list of history and you can browse through it and pick and choose. I even took the liberty of dividing it into historical categories. This is also helpful for general essays in history class.

If your essay topic is "Was the revolution an economic, political, social, or intellectual event?" you would select your answer then look through the appropriate history topic and select say 5 or so things to include per paragraph. You can use it to help prove or disporve anything in your essay.

You will note that this is mostly political history because well... its a chapter on war.. :D

Economic – Anything involving money
Two Invasions of Canada
Confiscation and Selling
French Alliance
Currency Inflation during War
Colonial Bankruptcy
Land Terms of Treaty of Paris

Political – Involving the Government/Law (also war)
Second Continental Congress
George Washington elected General
Colonial Minutemen
Loyalists vs. Patriots
Bunker Hill
Olive Branch Petition
Hessians (Mercenaries)
Two Invasions of Canada
Boston Evacuation
Naval Battle in Charleston in 1776
New England Government
Hereditary Aristocracy
Philadelphia Congress of 1776
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
“Hit and Run” tactics
Anglican Church in relation to Loyalists
British in New York
William Howe (tactics)
Battle at Trenton
General Burgoyne (Hudson River Strategy)
Brandywine Creek and Germantown
Benedict Arnold (as General)
Saratoga and French Aid
Parliament’s “Home Rule” Offer
Spanish and Holland’s involvement
Philadelphia Evacuation
Comte de Rochambeau
Benedict Arnold’s Treason
British Attack on Southern Colonies (1778-1781)
Iroquois Confederacy during Revolution
Treaty of Fort Stanwix
American Navy
Lord North’s Ministry Collapse
Treaty of Paris

Intellectual – Beliefs/ideas
Colonial feelings towards independence before 1776
Thomas Paine and “Common Sense”
Natural Rights
Colonist opinion of French
Armed Neutrality
“The Colonial World War”

Social – Daily life
Hereditary Aristocracy
Loyalist Persecution

Cultural – Things Made/Traditions
Loyalist Tradition

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