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Lee's life for lies??

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I found this on a web site, a soldier died in Iraq and his personal letter to his family was posted their. Did Lee die for nothing but lies?


Quote:The Release is based on personal information found on a flash memory device belongs to Spc.LEE KENDEll TUCKER (U.S Marine-590-80-5469), captured after him being wasted during an ambush on his vehicle.

LEE him self was an anti-war activist, proving that many of U.S soldiers serving in Iraq are against this war and they have no reason to fight and die.

Download, Share, and Discuss the movie... make your effort to understand and reveal the bunch of American Government lies on which this war was based.

We know that there are many good people just like LEE, but we can't verify them, as they are simply soldiers.. carrying weapons and wearing the uniform, so do your best to make sure that good people won't be deployed into "bad" situations....

Do your best to stop the war and get your countrymen out of Iraq..



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With this, I find it important to offer a different point of view.

My Uncle was in Iraq for 2 years and his last deployment was to be the last of his military career. Not feeling that the job was yet done he signed up for another 3 years of service. He opped out of training soldiers going over to Iraq and get out in 1 year in order to go back to Iraq himself. He did not feel that the job was yet done and was feeling that it is his duty to be there untill the job is done. He is a squad sergeant and his squad followed suit, every member of his squad requesting to go back to Iraq under his command. The majority of his company also requested to go back.

Talking to him while he is still back, he had very many interesting stories. He did have stories of death, but also of rejoicing. For instance, a sucidie bomber has exploded himself at his bases entrance. My Uncle was walking past at this time with a member of another unit. The other soldier was killed, my Uncle said he saw shrapnel flying inches in front of his face. He told the story of how a young, mentally handicapped boy in a town they were deployed in had become like his units own kid. They would give the young boy toys and food and play with him and the other children. My Uncle has pictures of the little boy, he would melt your heart. When his unit was given the order to move out, another unit had taken their place. The boy was playing in a window of a building and was shot by a nervous private. It was the private's first time in the field. When my Uncle's unit was given the order to move back into the town, the other unit was still there. My Uncle found out about the incident and found the individual and went off on him, which, might I add, is not like my Uncle. He had the private in tears.

With those said, he told me many stories of people comming to the streets, rejoicing at their arrival. Kid's coming to them wanting to play soccer. Soldiers giving up parts of their gear for the children and giving their rations to the women. Iraqi civilians would offer them food and various items as a thank you. He was asked if they would stay and help them this time or if they were leaving them again. He was begged to stay.

It all depends on the area that you are in within Iraq. Some people want us there, others don't.

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