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plz teach

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December 9, 2005 - 18:23 -- dwiz

well i wanna become a programer, for html, java just anything that could help me in the computer world some one plz teach me.
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One site that I found very helpful was http://www.w3schools.com/ I myself have done a lot of html lately and getting pritty good I must confess. Good luck!

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Yeah... w3schools is awesome with that sort of stuff. I've learned a lot from them. If you have any questions, you can IM me at Zweibz7.

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Well, if you want to become a programmer, then HTML is not for you. If you wish to become a web developer, then HTML is for you. As far as programming languages go I prefer ASM. A good site with tutorials I have found helpful is: www.win32asm.cjb.net and www.cyberogue.com

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