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Private Servers...for WoW

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I currently installed WoW(world of warcraft) and I knew it was P2P.....me and friends play on private servers for "free".....however we can't seem to find servers that:

-have good latency
-have good xp rates
-and have good drops

....doesn't really matter.....but I was wondering if anybody currently plays WoW on private servers....if you do can you suggest a good server.......(if u want post the realmlist)

...or am I better off leveling up to 60 on the P2P server....(instead of 200 on private)

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The current server emulators are unstable and are definately much worse than the actual servers. You are truly missing out if you don't play on the actual servers.

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that is completely false. I used to play WoW, what a bad game, so boring after a while. There are lots of good free servers, all can be found at wowstatus.net

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yeah, it is kind of impossible to find good servers which excel in every aspect. Now with hackers all over the place everybody is stepping up security to protect their servers.


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yep...servers of good quality are hard to find.....however i think i managed to find a suitable one....the staff works hard, and are gradually trying to improve.......however russian hackers messed with the serva specs....and forced the serva masta's to wipe the data or accounts....that made me sad.....i had a high level playa.....but its cool cause i'll just have fun starting from scratch....

Also anybody have any game suggestions for the holidays? I need more Games.....

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