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READ ME FIRST!! - Homework Reviewing Forum Rules

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Welcome to the Homework Reviewers Forum! Please pay close attention to these rules – if you do not follow them (all of them!) your post will be ignored and deleted. You have been warned! Repeated offenses may result in temporary banning from the forum at my discretion.


1 – This is not a homework help forum, this is a place where you can submit completed assignments to have someone look over it. Questions asking for help finishing an assignment belong in the regular forums. THESE INTERNS ARE NOT HERE TO DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU!

2 – You must submit the problem that you are answering along with your completed work complete with instructions! (i.e. topics for essay, problem and instructions for math/science problems, etc.)

3 – You can only submit your work once. Duplicate threads will be deleted.

4 – Do not always expect instant responses! Interns are not miracle workers, and they’re not online 24/7. If you need something looked over in 4 hours time, be prepared for the possibility that it won’t happen.

5 – Be courteous! If you don’t like the way someone reviewed your work, you can ask for clarification or elaboration or a second opinion, but do not attack them.

6 – In an effort to prevent plagiarism, only homework reviewers can view other user’s threads. No, this will not be changing.

7 – Thread prefixes are mandatory! This is to help the reviewers get to threads in their subject area more easily and make them more efficient. The system is easy to use – just select the appropriate subject prefix from the dropdown menu next to the title. Prefixes are for subject that we have people to review for. A full list of prefixes for this section is added at the end of this post. If you're willing to take a chance you can choose [Other] and as a question about a different subject, but there is no guarantee that someone will be able to look it over.

I know the rules are a bit strict, but follow them and you’ll be fine. I hope you enjoy this new service!

Science Prefix List

[Bio] = Biology
[Chem] = Chemistry
[Phys] = Physics
[Env. Sci.] = Environmental Science

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