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Which is the best next-gen system?

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I think the Revolution is the only console that's next gen. The 360 is just an upgrade while the PS3...maybe if Sony didn't tack on so many useless add-ons that raise the price I might consider getting it.

And just for reference(my reference at least):




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With what has been realeased so far there is no way to tell, thanks to nintendo, if the next generation game systems are truly next generation or not. If they don't come out with some new stuff i'm not so sure i am going to buy one. Xbox 360 has already proved that it is not truly next generation. It's a Xbox with some ad-ons and better grapics. PS3 perhaps but i don't think that it will be much more revolutionary than the Xbox 360. Nintendo, it has great potential but who knows?

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Too early to decide, even for the 360. The games barely used a quater of its potential.

"To many people spend money on things they don't need, to impress people they don't like, with money they don't have."

"When all else fails read the directions."

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You can't really decide yet which is best. Although I do think that the Revolution will be the one that's the most "next-gen" material. The other systems, while they are still awesome, are basically upgrades of what has already been made.

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Viva la Revolution!

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If you guys would know anything its that the 360 has totally power over both the Revolution and the PS3. The Revolution being a really neat idea will fall short because once again of the lack of game support... and the PS3 will have technology errors and then people will think it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!:mad: The 360 hits the price range perfectly for all that if offers... its the best way to spend your money on a gaming machine!:cool:


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heres some pros
wii- very inovative, LOTS OF LAUNCH TITLES,zelda, realitivly cheap, able to download any nintendo game ever made is awsome, nunchucks for real life ninjaings
xbox360(own)- multi-functional, grapics, eventualy halo 3, second cheapest
ps3- rumored to have 6-12 proccesors, if killzone is realy in game grapics then WOW, MGS, games are harder to develop (due to new os) so game developers will have to pour their heart and soul into the game, comes w/ bluray player, lol motion sensor controler (stolen from wii lol)

and cons
wii- graphics = less than others, and weird name
xbox360(own)- not a lot of games(or games that are that good), 4 proccesors(compared to 6-12), may be glitchy, have to BUY external hd dvd player
ps3- VERY exspensive, may be glitchy, may not have that many proccesors(=( ),may have giant enemy crabs and you'l need to attack their weakpoint for MASSIVE DAMAGE

in conclusion


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Well since Revoultion has not come out yet I would have no way of telling. Personally I have hated X-box since it ever came it and Playstation has been really fun for me to play. I have not yet played on the PS3 so i could not tell you my experience. As for Nintendo...has major potential and it will definately cost less than the other systems, another major plus.

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the wii is great the ps3 is way to pricy but ive heard its a good system

Alexander R. Miller

What's picture

Having played and own an XBox 360 and having a suitemate at school who received (yes received not bought) a PS3 and having a best friend back home who has a Nintendo Wii, which I have played, I have to say that the Nintendo Wii is the best of the 3 systems. It's inovative control system allows imersion in the game not possible by conventional systems. While it is deffiently true that the graphics are not up-to-par with that of the xbox 360 and ps3, what it comes down to is gameplay, and the Wii delivers in that department.

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i can back up the latter statement the wii's gameplay even taps into a new market nongamers who previously hated games but due to the way you play changes their outlook on gaming. Also watching your friends play could be funner than playing the actual game. which makes it a party game because your not constantly asking or waiting in line to play you're perfectly content watching.

At first i was all ps3 didn't want to hear about other loser systems but its almost x-mass and if i can't get a ps3 i might just get desperate and buy a differant system.

when playing the wii.....speakers in the controller awesome but beware of wii elbow

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