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1850-1859 - Sectionalism and Secession

Date Event
January 1, 1850

Compromise of 1850

March 1, 1850

Calhoun addresses Senate on Clay's proposals

March 7, 1850

Webster reply to Calhoun

March 31, 1850

Benton-Foote confrontation in Senate

April 18, 1850

Committee of thirteen selected

January 1, 1852

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteFranklin Pierce (Democratic) 50.9 254
Winfield Scott (Whig) 44.1 42
John P. Hale (Free Soil) 5

June 1, 1852

Baltimore Democratic Party convention

June 16, 1852

Whig convention in Baltimore,put in Compromise measures

January 1, 1853

civil service reform requiring clerks to pass an examination

January 1, 1854

Illinois elects Republican Lyman Trumbull

January 1, 1854

Steven Douglas introduces Kansas-Nebraska act

January 1, 1854

Douglas moves to exempt Nebraska

March 1, 1854

Alvan E. Bovay founds Republican party

January 1, 1855

Republicans outdistance Know-Nothings,absorbing voters

January 1, 1856

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteJames Buchanan (Democratic) 45.3 174
John C. Fr

January 1, 1856

rule of debate considered after philibuster

February 1, 1856

Know-Nothings (American Party) holds national council meeting

February 22, 1856

Republicans national organizing convention in Pittsburg

May 14, 1856

Sumner denunciates Douglas' views

May 22, 1856

Brooks beats Sumner with cane on Senate floor

June 2, 1856

Democratic National convention in Cincinnati

January 1, 1857

U.S. Supreme Court beings Dred Scott v. Sanford case

January 1, 1858

approval of a proslavery Constitution

January 1, 1858

Lincoln-Douglas debates

January 1, 1858

success of People's Party in Pennsylvania

December 1, 1858

Douglas removed from Committee on Territories

January 1, 1859

Vice President Arron Burr voted with Federalists,ending Republican alleigance

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