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1810-1819 - Formative Years

Date Event
January 1, 1810

Henry Clay enters House of Representatives

January 1, 1811

Bill drafted to raise army of 25,000 men

January 1, 1811

Henry Clay becomes Speaker of the House on first day

January 1, 1812

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteJames Madison (D-Republican) 128
DeWitt Clinton (Federalist) 89

June 17, 1812

Senate approves Madison's declaration of war against Britain

January 1, 1813

Madison gains nearly fatal illness,as victories prevail overseas

January 1, 1814

Delegation of commissioners dispatched to Britain for negotiations

January 1, 1815

Committees created in Senate to examine sections of presidents message

January 1, 1815

President Madison proposes domestic program,including tariffs and a bank recharter

January 8, 1815

Treaty of Ghent approved after Jackson's victory

January 1, 1816

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteJames Madison (D-Republican) 183
Rufus King (Federalist) 34

January 1, 1816

""standing committees" approved in Senate "

December 2, 1816

Rep. Calhoun (SC) introduced bill for canals and roads on Clay's "American System"

January 1, 1817

Benjamin Crowninshield of Massachusetts becomes head of Navy

January 1, 1818

Smith Thompson of New York becomes head of Navy

January 1, 1819

Treaty ceding Florida to United States

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