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1840-1849 - Seeds of Secession

Date Event
January 1, 1840

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteWilliam H. Harrison (Whig) 53.1 234
Martin Van Buren (Democratic) 46.9 60

January 1, 1840

Liberty party founded,runs James G. Birney

January 1, 1840

American Republican Party endorses Clay and Frelignhysen

May 1, 1840

Democratic National convention

October 1, 1840

Birney accepted democratic nom. For Michigan legislature

January 1, 1841

bank bill passed in Senate

June 21, 1841

extended fillibuster over bank recharter bill

January 1, 1842

Webster-Ashburton Treaty signed

March 1, 1843

Cushing becomes Secretary of State

January 1, 1844

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteJames K. Polk (Democratic) 49.6 170
Henry Clay (Whig) 48.1 105
James G. Birney (Liberty) 2.3

April 1, 1844

treaty of Texas annexation considered

December 1, 1844

Adams launches effort to eliminate gag rule on slavery

January 1, 1845

admission of Republic of Texas

December 4, 1845

defeated motion of Vice Presidential appointments

August 1, 1846

Wilmot Proviso fillibustered in Senate

January 1, 1848

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteZachary Taylor (Whig) 47.4 163
Lewis Cass (Democratic) 42.5 127
Marten Van Buren (Free Soil) 10.1

January 1, 1848

Wilmot Proviso attatched to Oregon treaty

January 1, 1848

Free Soil party founded

March 10, 1848

ratification of treaty with Mexico

May 22, 1848

Convention/Democrats split into Barnburners and Hunkers

June 7, 1848

Whig Convention in Philidelphia

January 1, 1849

Free soilers refuse to support caucuses in House

January 1, 1849

Plurality used to elect speaker

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