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1890-1899 - The Agrarian Revolt

Date Event
January 1, 1890

McKinley Tariff passes in Congress

June 7, 1890

Republican convention in Minneapolis reaffirmed tariff position

January 1, 1891

New York Governor Hill elected to Senate,sets hopes for Presidency

January 1, 1891

McKinley elected as Ohio governor

February 22, 1891

""snap" Republican convention called to secure a Hill delegation "

May 1, 1891

People's Party formed

January 1, 1892

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteGlover Cleveland (Democratic) 46.1 277
Benjamin Harrison (Republican) 43 145
James B. Weaver (People's) 8.5 22

January 1, 1892

law that president pro tempore succeed the presidency passes

February 22, 1892

St. Louis Populist conference adopting platform

June 7, 1892

Republicans hold convention in Minneapolis

July 2, 1892

Omaha Populist conference meets

January 1, 1893

McKinley faced with bankruptcy,reimbursed by Hanna

January 1, 1894

Republicans gain House control,Populists hold balance of power in Senate

January 1, 1894

Supreme Court declares Wilson-Gorman Act unconstitutional

January 1, 1894

Coin's Financial School published

August 1, 1894

silver Democrats set up national committee

January 1, 1895

Hanna begins campaign to get McKinley the presidential nomination

January 1, 1896

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteWilliam M. McKinley (Republican) 51.1 271
William J. Bryan (Democratic) 47.7 176

January 1, 1896

conference of Platt,Quay,Clarkson,Manley,and Filley encourage "favorite son" candidacies

June 16, 1896

Republican convention in St. Louis

July 7, 1896

Democratic national convention in Chicago opposes silver men

July 22, 1896

Populist convention at St. Louis endorses W. J. Bryan

January 1, 1897

William Allison becomes chairman of the Republican caucus

January 1, 1898

Theodore Roosevelt elected as governor of New York

April 1, 1898

Sherman resigns from state department

January 1, 1899

Secretary Hay secures open-door policy in China

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