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1930-1939 - The New Deal Landslide

Date Event
January 1, 1930

Republican majority in House reduced to one seat

June 1, 1930

Smoot-Hawley Tariff carries by two votes

January 1, 1931

Congress passes servicemen loan bill over Hoover's veto

January 1, 1931

Democrats lowers amount of signatures required for discharge petition

December 1, 1931

Hoover waits to address the economic crisis

January 1, 1932

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteFranklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic) 57.4 472
Herbert C. Hoover (Republican) 39.7 59

January 1, 1932

Hattie Caraway becomes first woman in Senate

January 1, 1932

Bonus March on Washington

February 16, 1932

Lame Duck' amendment passes

June 14, 1932

Republican convention in Chicago

June 27, 1932

Barkley speaks at Democratic convention in Chicago

January 1, 1933

73rd Congress convenes its first 100 days

March 9, 1933

Roosevelt calls Congress into special session

May 1, 1933

National Labor Relations Act passes in Senate under Wagner

January 1, 1934

Democratic majority in Congress increases

January 1, 1934

Borah leads efforts to investigate munitions industry

January 1, 1934

Liberty League appears,backed by wealthy

January 1, 1934

Rules Committee proposed that there would be no appropriation bill amendments,sparks furor

January 1, 1935

Harry S. Truman begins Senate service

January 1, 1935

Congress passes Neutrality Act t

January 1, 1936

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteFranklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic) 60.8 523
Alfred M. Landon (Republican) 36.5 8

January 8, 1936

Democrats begin practice of Jackson Day dinners

June 9, 1936

Republican national convention in Cleveland

June 19, 1936

Lemke and O'Brien announce candidacy for "Union Party"

June 23, 1936

Democratic convention gathers in Philadelphia

September 11, 1936

national conference of liberals endorse Roosevelt

July 6, 1937

Senate debates begin over court-packing scheme

July 14, 1937

Majority Leader Robinson found dead,Barkley succeeds

November 1, 1937

Roosevelt calls special session

January 1, 1938

Roosevelt attempts to "purge" party of conservative leaders

January 1, 1938

Republican revival in Congress

January 1, 1939

Hatch Act passed prohibiting officials from politics

January 1, 1939

Felix Frankfurter elevated to Supreme Court

January 1, 1939

Roosevelt asks for large defense appropriation

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