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IB vs. AP vs. College

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IB vs. AP vs. College

So, I'm guessing there are quite a few AP people on the site (I guessing that means you're in high school :p ), but are there any people doing the IB program? I was wondering if there's a difference in the curriculum or the tests. And then what about regular college History? Is it a lot different from what we're doing? Yeah, just a few questions. Feel free to answer, or ignore me if ya'd like. ^.^
~Missi. Marie

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I'm not sure about the differences - i took AP. But I do know that there are high school students that use the site for IB and regeants. There are also college students that use the site as well. Hope that helps a little


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I'm doing full IB diploma and AP US History along with taking some AP exams whose curriculums overlap with those of the IB.
Most IB higher level courses have similar curriculums to those of the AP, but they are not reccomended to take as a substitute for AP. In other words, you shouldnt take an IB course if you wish to take the AP in that subject. Im doing standard level math studies, which has some statistics, but Ill still need to do a fair amount of self study in order to prepare for AP stats. If you have any further questions, pm me.

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