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All Middle Colonies?

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All Middle Colonies?

I just had a test today and I don't know the answer to one of the questions:
All the middle colonies were:
(A) intened as religious havens
(B)dependent on slave labor
(C) notable for their fertile soil.
(D) established by joint-stock companies

Can so one please help me ASAP! :)

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It's C. Remember the middle colonies would eventually produce grain in large quantities. Exceptions to A) are New York, which was created out of economic interest. B) Slaves weren't really prolific in the northern half of the colonies since individuals sitll wouldn't have the money or, more importantly, the incentive to invest in human property. and finally D) the only real exception to this that I can think of was New Jersey, which was established by Quakers entirely (not too sure about Pennsylvania since I'm not sure if William Penn's venture was joint-stock)

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