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American Revolution?

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American Revolution?

really need help with these essay questions i have to write a a short essay on each of these.

Did American's political principles and behavior justify their assumption of public virtue?

Would republicanism have developed as quickly and thoroughly if the American had not fought for independence?

To what extent does the American Revolution resemble a modern war? Was it the first"people's war"?An early "world war"?

How did the American Revolution appear to a loyalist?To a law abiding,tax payer Londoner?

Can someone help me

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Hm...the first two are tough. But number 3: think about Europe during and after our own Revolution. The French decided to rise up against their injustices. However, the Revolution was less modern in the fact that it still used Neopoleonic tactics.

And number 4: A loyalist was someone who did not support the patriot's cause. And if you were a tax-paying Londoner...would you want your money wasted on a colony you've probably never even been to?

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