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Just a Idea that i think is great

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Just a Idea that i think is great

I made a site for AP WOrld History as well as other subjects.

I am working on most of the other subjects but i finsihed with AP WORLD HISTORY and i am working on Calculus and especially AP US histoy. I was hoping maybe we can help each other by linking our sites together.

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I am trying to make hostunlim.com/apfaq into apfaq.tk or into .com

But the point is,

we can maybe work together to increase both of our traffic...

My site for refernce and your forum for Ideas, Messages and other online help.

It is a mutual beneficial idea and i hpe oyu will give it a though...

and if you do agree with me then by all means Email me at my email or jus IM me on AIM: APFAQ



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I'm sorry, I do not believe you could help me increase my traffic. This site is a lot more than just a forum too. Thanks for the offer though.


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Yeah this site has a forum in addition to notes and other stuff for several AP courses.

Maybe if your sites had outlines and notes for other AP classes not covered here?

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