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essay help pleaseee!

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essay help pleaseee!

free response essay

'mercantilism was accually more favorable to the colonies than it was to Great Britian."

assess the validiy of this statement

any help would be appreciated

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What have you come up with thus far?

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Joined: Oct 2005

Assessing the validity essays are another type where you go with how much information you have, not just your personal belief. To start this one off just write down ANYTHING you can find either disproving or proving the question. i emphasize anything beause you can always put in little tidbit things, and a teacher loves them. Just find which view you have more information for and go with it.

find pros and cons for each--
-Monopoly on raw goods to Britain
-Low prices on goods
things like that...

-Britain could demand any price
-Could not trade with other countries in America

just find pros and cons for both and go with it. good luck on it

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check out the chapter 7 outline for the AP US book on this site and it has in it i swear outlined all about mercantilism

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