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Test HELP!!

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Test HELP!!

We are having a big test over Chapters 1-9 this week and I feel that no matter how much I study i'm not prepared, but I have done all the ID's and readings, are there any tips on how not to feel this way and on how to study for a test the size of Texas?

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When I have to study for history tests I usually make up songs to remember dates to tunes like Yankee Doodle or Jingle Bells... something snappy.....
Ex: yankee doodle
In 1583 you see was when had New Foundland,
1585 was Roanoake the Island....
hope it helps-- sometimes weird creative things stimulate the brain to remember associated things-- best of luck

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Well, we had a midterm, chapters 1-10 last week. It wasn't so bad.

If your teacher assigns outlines for each chapter then READ them religiously. There's no way you can read all nine chapters and remember that.

If you have vocabulary lists you could read over those too, that helps.

And songs are good...but we don't have to remember dates really.

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Well the good thing is that for APUSH you don't need to know dates or details, just the overall ideas of events that happened.

What I recommend is that you keep up with your lectures and notes/worksheets daily, that way when you review it at home it sticks in your mind. It's extremely hard to not review daily then cram everything in the night before the test, specially when it's on 10 chapters.

Good luck!

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stay calm. be confident going into the test. remember this is just a test. i am going to assume its a mid-term?
my apush teacher does not give us mid-terms. at the end of the year he is giving us a comprehensive final over a good 40 chapters. i am excited for that.

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for future tests...you can use the website on the back of the cover of the american pageant book, it's www.college.hmco.com/students and take the quizzes for each chapter, they've helped me improve my test scores a lot and plus they give you the correct answers so it's review also...

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