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So this might be a dumb question, but what were some of the differences between the north and the south before the civil war? i can't really find much in the book. thanks!

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The north was more intuned with family life and it was also much more industrial. The south had less dense population and thus cities did not revolve around family life and such political institutions as town meetings. Also, the south thrived on slavery because of the plantations and weather and thus there was more distinction between the types of careers. The south dealt with cotton and rice and agriculture while the north was industrial, fishing, and factories.

Sorry I took this class last year and I dont remember that much.

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Basically the main differences were what TimberlakeLVR1 said. To go into a bit more detail, the South, having an economy based almost completely on agriculture, was highly dependent upon trade with other regions and countries. The North's economy was varied. They had factories, farms, and lots of raw materials (trees, minerals, etc.). They did not rely so much upon traded goods because they could supply their factories themselves and refine their raw materials and grow their own food. This gave the North an advantage during the civil war, but I'm guessing you don't need to know those yet.

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