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french and Indian War

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french and Indian War

Help! I have a DBQ due about how the French and Indian war altered political, economic and ideological relations between Britain and the American colonies. I plan on writing about taxes and acts placed on the American colonials. How the Americans had to help pay back expenses. Also how revolution and change was beginning to grow in the eyes of the colonists. Is there anything I'm missing?

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U need the beliefs, trading, money, leadership, and the Government.
Can u send me what u have and i'll see what i can do

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It sounds to me as if you've got a pretty good handle on this topic. My only suggestion is that you may want to include something about England refusing the colonies expansion into the Ohio River Valley. If it doesn't mess up your essay or you need something more, you may add it. If you can't fit it in, I think you still have some strong points.

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money. money. money. thats what the whole argument was about. make sure you include it. Mercantilism will help support this.

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