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DBQ troubles.

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DBQ troubles.

i didnt do too well on my first DBQ and i hope someone can help me w/ this one. Its about the Roosevelt Administration and the New Deal. I know the main ideas and i already brainstormed. I just do not know how to make the whole thing flow. I am having complete writers block

i'm a first timer so i dont know what i need to post for someone to help me?

thanks :)

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Here's my suggestion about how to write a DBQ. First you read the question and look through all of the documents. You've done that, so that's good. Next you come up with your major points. Once you have picked out your points, divide up your documents between your points: decide where you're going to use each document. Now you've basically made an outline.

Now is when the actual writing of the essay comes in. I always start with my intro. I start off broadly and the narrow down until I'm to my thesis. I'd tell you the rest, but I'm a bit overworked at the moment.

I will however direct you to GoPunchRocks "Guide to Writing an Effective Essay" thread which is very helpful. This is just where I differ from his view. I also posted some there too on DBQ writing. Here's the link:


But, as long as you don't want me to do it by tomorrow morning, if you send me your essay I'll be glad to look it over and give you my advice. You can e-mail it to me at [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected] or you can post it here for other people to correct as well. Remember to cite your documents and good luck :D .

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When I had to do a DBQ for my class, I found it a lot easier after looking at the documents and finding the essential meaning to it. Jot it down on a page and make conections between them. After that, the essay writing should be a bit easier wince you know what to write on. Plus, they'll think youre smart with all the connection :) (j/k, no idea if they would think that)

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