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Essays Help!

So, exams are comming up and I need help with getting info for my essays. We are only going to have three essays on the exam (with a choice of one) but have a list of 12 to study from. If anyone can halp me on any of these questions that would mean the world to me.

1. The Hallmark of the United States has been growth. What were the major dimensions or sectors of growth in the United States from 1815-1860? Explain. (make sure to address the growth of productivity in the country during this time.)

2. What are some negative consequences of the United States growth? Make sure to address the effects of the westward movement on the institution of slavery and Native Americans.

3. The transportation revolution in the United States from 1800-1860 revolutionized the country and was a major reason for economic growth. Assess the validity of this statement. Include specific details and examples.

4. Was the United States technological growth evenly distributed over the country? Was this situation a positive or negative one for the country? Why?

5. Explain the American System of Manufactures. Why did this system evolve in the United States?

6. Which part of the country led the move for public education? What effect did this have on society and politics of the time?

7. Who resisted the changes in American culture wroght by the industrial and transportation revolutions? Why?

8. Although Henry Clay's American System never passed Congress, the United States government was a prime motivating factor in the growth of the economy from 1815-1860. assess the validity of this statement. Make sure to include the role of public land policy in your discussion.

9. Discuss the growth of the women's movement in the United States from 1815-1860. How was it linked to the spirit of reform and reform movements? Was domesticity a setback? Explain.

10. Discuss the growth of the abolitionist movement 1800-1860. What were some of the major abolitionist arguments against slavery? How did these arguments influence the rest of society? Was it in the most important factor in souring North/South relations? Explain.

11. Describe the developing southern antebellum economy. Was slavery profitable? how did the invention of the cotton gin change the face of the South?

12. Describe the growing regional specialization and the development present in the West, South, and Northeast. Try to divide the west into North/South lines and explain the developing differences betweent the North and the South, 1800-1860.

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What information do you have already?

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pianogirl2422 wrote:What information do you have already?
I'll edit that in when I have the time sorry

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