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DBQ Civil War Abraham Lincoln/Jefferson Davis...

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DBQ Civil War Abraham Lincoln/Jefferson Davis...

if neone could help me wit the essay...

"asses the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln's decision to hold Fort Sumter and Jefferson's decision to take it..."

what i have...
-lincoln was doin his job keeping states from seceding
-lincoln warned them ahead of time to reconsider actions cus the Union was perpetual
-lincoln would hold fort sumter and fort pickens
-lincoln only wanted to supply fort sumter with provisions that no attempt was being made to supply men,arms,or ammunition

-davis ordered general pierre g.t. beauregard to demand evacuation at once, if refused, to proceed as he may determine to "reduce it"...
-confederate secretary of stat robert toombs warned davis that any firing at fort sumters would inaugurate a civil war and it would be suicide,murder for the south...also..."it is unnecessary. it puts us in the wrong. it is fatal."

if you know of ne extra facts i could slip in there i could really use the help...
some clarification as well...

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Joined: Sep 2005

oh by the way if neone could help me with a thesis statement...as well....thank you...

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