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Anyone's help?/opinion!?! My text book sucks.

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Anyone's help?/opinion!?! My text book sucks.

I have a essay... and i really have no earthly idea. haha I'm pretty dumb...

The period following the Civil War and the dawn of the twentieth century ushered in countless changes on the American political, economic, and social landscape. In what ways did America cling to traditions and customs and in what ways did the country evolve?

Maybe it evolved because after the civil war the railroad systems were established?? is that right?? :confused:

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thats very vague...so you might wanna says things about:

Reconstruction period is the main thing...since you said period following the Civil War.

Maybe things like:
Lincoln's Policies
-Wade-Davis Bill
-Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction
then his death
then when the stupid Johnson guy comes in
write about his policies
-Black codes
-Johnson vetoing
Congressional Reconstruction
Civil Right Act of 1866
14th Amend.
-then his impeachment

Those are jus a few ideas...

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