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I Hate Tests!!!!

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I Hate Tests!!!!

Hey guys what's up? haven't been here in a while but that's cool. :D so anyways back to my topic i just had a test and it's like i knew the information but just couldn't piece it together in my mind while i was taking the test:confused: . it was worse than drawing a blank cuz i knew the stuff!! it was so friggin retarded but oh well.... i may have passed anyways. so how was your day today?:cool:

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Hey, long time no talk... ;) you wanna talk about takin' a test, knowin' the info but havin' a blank out...come take a test up here...That is every single test...and not just for me either...like the whole class..I personally think it's the way the test is structured but then again, i'm almost never right. Haha, alrightie later :)

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Yeah, my class just had a unit test, and it was horrid. The essay was the worst- the topic was just familliar enough so I knew that I should KNOW how to write it, but I just sat for at least five min before I could think of a thesis statment. grrrrrr......

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