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I need help ASAP :( please :-\ Imperialism/Interventionism

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I need help ASAP :( please :-\ Imperialism/Interventionism

i have an FRQ

"The United States in the period 1898-1919 failed to recognize that it had vital interest at stake in Europe, where it tried to stay aloof. At the same time, it had few or no such interests in Asia, where it eagerly became involved"

can someone clarify this part "..it had vital interests at stake in Europe, where it tried to stay aloof.".. :confused: i seriously dont have any idea what it is talking about coz i dont see any evidence about it..

help please

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hey i found a site you might want to look at... it should tellyou... from waht i read it was talking about the American Foriegn Policy and from what it looks like that statement you asked about is talking about the big turning point with the foriegn policy.... but here is the site so you can check it out..... ">http://www.fff.org/freedom/0295c.asp[/B]

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