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Pharmacy Schools and St John's?

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Pharmacy Schools and St John's?

I am looking for a good pharmacy school. What do you guys think of St. John's? And are there any great pharmacy schools out there? I am just so lost because I don't know of any WONDERFUL phramacy schools. And believe me, I have tried researching and asking other people, it just doesn't seem to work. I find it ridiculous that a state like NY has only four pharmacy schools, only two in NYC and the next closest is in Albany, then Buffalo.
Thanks in advance


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I live about a half hour away from Annapolis, where one of the St. John's colleges is. I can tell you it's a wonderful atmosphere. St. John's is in downtown Annapolis, which is quite a wonderful college town - brick buildings, and the water of the Chesapeake right there with boats and cruises if you like that sort of thing - and, of course, lots of fine dining and pubs. St. John's has some lovely grounds - green lawns and the like.

St. John's also shares some facilities with the Naval Academy, which is literally just across the street, along with all of the highly attractice cadets. ;) Being close to the naval academy has its advantages - St. John's is not super big on athletics. If you're looking for a huge football scene, say, St. John's might not be your place. However, Navy's always got some kind of sports event going on, whether it's one of the huge and very fun Navy football games or a swimming match or a lacrosse game, and St. John's students typically pop in to Navy games to check out the fun.

I've only actually ever spoken to one person who was a student at St. John's about how she liked the Great Books-centric curriculum. She said she liked it very much - it makes for a structured learning experience, and it means that most of the other students on campus will know what you're talking about and learning about, because they took it too. It also allows you to take very specific, analytical classes on really tearing the meaning out of the philosophical writings of John Locke (what does the pursuit of happines really mean, for example) or of studying geometry as Euclid first wrote it. However, if you're looking to major in East Asian Studies, per se, St. John's might not be the best choice, as it is based off of the Great Books of the Western World, and Russia is as far from the "western canon" as it gets, from what I understand.

I don't know anything about the St. John's in Sante Fe, I'm afraid.

Hope this was of some help.


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