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Forum System

Are you guys running MyBB? What system are you guys running? I don't like how this is all cluttered together. I mean- the forum itself is in the center, with the backround taking up a good chunk of the screen. Don't get me wrong, I think that is good, but your making it too much. I'd say make the forum a little bigger.

And what affiliation are you guys running? Ebay? You should use Google ads. I was experimenting with Google ads and Bidvertiser, and Google brings in a lot more income than Bidvertiser. Not saying that you use Bidvertiser.

Edit: I'm a moron. I just noticed you had Google Ads.

Err... this is my first post.

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Joined: Apr 2006

Oh, and why do you have the "/"'s after the quotations and such? Well it looks like because of PHP... right? That is so beat. You can always switch around you know.

If the statement is:

echo 'Hello, this is History/'s finest course';

You can change it to:

echo "hello, this is History's finest course";

I probably don't know what the heck I am talking about.

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You've never...ever...seen vBulliten? Possibly the most popular message board system?

I've been using this system since I was literally 11. I love vB.

And the forum is sized that way to asthetic reasons. It expands if it needs to.

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